Interview Sortie Album 8/9/08

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Interview Sortie Album 8/9/08

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News8/09/2008 / UPDATE FROM BRYN
Bryn's midway through his UK tour and his debut album, 'My World', is finally being released today. We interrupted his afternoon shopping trip to chat about the release, the tour and the near future:

It's the big day today - 'My World' is getting released - are you excited?

Oh yeah, it's very exciting. I'm two miles out of Sheffield and I've just walked into this massive shopping centre and bought my album! I don't think they recognised me in the shop. I kept my head down though.

I'm just really excited that I've finally got an album you can actually go and buy!

What are your favourite tracks on the album?

All of them - but at the moment I'm really liking 'Stay With Me', it's got a kind of dark side to it. 'My World', as well, the title track of the album. I'm really liking that. I like singing that live: it's the song I usually start with.

What was the inspiration behind 'Stay With Me'?

It sounds really morbid, but I was just thinking about death: about that moment when you die, when your soul's leaving your body, and your body's going 'Wait a minute! I'm not ready yet, I haven't done this, I haven't done that...'

The first verse is the soul singing to the body and the rest of the song is me singing 'I'm not ready to die'. That's the darkest song on the album.

'Sour times' is cool as well - it's a Portishead cover and my Mum used to listen to it a lot. It just fit perfectly for the album: the lyrics and the way it's produced. It's not the same as how Beth sings it, though. It's quite soft when she sings it; it's amazing, but I am a 6'2 man, so it's going to be a bit louder.

'The Quest' is also on the album, and that song has been especially big in the States...

Yeah, that whole 'The Quest' thing was very exciting because of the reception in America and I'm going there this month! On the 21st I'm going to perform at The Viper Room. I've never been to America before. I'm so excited.

Have you got a lot on this week?

I'm touring at the moment. Just going around England and singing! It's going amazingly! And tonight I'm playing Sheffield...

'My World', Bryn Christopher's long-awaited debut album, featuring acclaimed singles 'The Quest' and 'Smilin'', is released today across the UK and is available from all good record shops.


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